How Accurate Are Tarot Card Readings?

How Accurate Are Tarot Card Readings

Many people wonder how accurate tarot card readings are and with good reason. There are a lot of phony fortune tellers out there that undermine the true art of Tarot. This gives the handful of truly gifted individuals a bad name and leads to a lot of misconceptions and myths regarding tarot cards.  

In reality, the accuracy of tarot cards are 100% but the accuracy of tarot card readings depend on a few factors. In my experience, it is the interpretation that influences the overall outcome of how accurate tarot is perceived to be.

Here are a couple of key factors that influence how accurate tarot readings are and how you can improve the accuracy of your next reading:

Focus on a Clear Question

The question forms the foundation of a reading. In order for a Tarot Reader to get a clear reading the querent needs to formulate an equally clear question. Often people ask the tarot broad questions and then expect specific answers. The trick is that your question needs to be specific and based on fact to give the deck an exact idea of what you’re asking. Tarot card readings are accurate to the degree that the Tarot Reader can match the question with the results. Asking a question that is too broad or ungrounded may result in an accurate reading, but connecting the dots will be difficult and the true meaning of the reading will be lost.

For instance if somebody asks “What does my future have instore for me?” and they get the Five of Swords reversed the Tarot Reader may interpret this as the loss of a loved one when in fact it may indicate the loss of an important business partner. In this case a much better question would have been “What are the prospects for my career for the next few months?” or “How will my relationships evolve in the near future?”, depending on what the querent’s main concern is. How accurate tarot cards depend on how accurate the question is.

Keep an Open Mind

While you may want the tarot reading to be like a glimpse into the future, the tarot doesn’t work that way. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your personal preference, free will plays a large role in the eventual outcome of a tarot reading.

If you receive a warning, let’s keep with the example above and say the tarot cards warn you that you may “suffer a loss” as an answer to “What are the prospects for my career for the next few months?”, and you heed the warning by paying special attention to your career, you may avoid the loss.

This is often true when Minor Arcana cards are involved. If, however, Major Arcana cards are present the chances are higher that something will happen as they represent necessary life challenges we all need to face. But it is always a good idea to stay open to the fact that things can change depending on the choices you and those around you make. Tarot cards are accurate when it comes to current energies, that’s why similar questions often get different results, even when asked only hours apart.

Another twist of fate may be that the tarot cards pick up on a strong subconscious energy that you are unaware of and they give you a reading that cannot be consoled with the question you asked. In this case you need to keep an open mind as to what the cards are trying to tell you, albeit good or bad.

Pick the Right Practitioner

There are two important points when it comes to picking the right practitioner. First, make sure that the person you’re going to has all the right credentials. If you can, get some first hand accounts from other people about how accurate the tarot reading was for them. This way you’ll be able to steer clear of phony fortune tellers and set your sights on true psychics.

Secondly, make sure that the tarot reader you choose shares a lot of your values. It may be difficult to accept the outcome of a tarot reading if you and the tarot reader have conflicting life views or opinions on certain subjects. Essentially you need to find someone with a good track record that you can connect with. This way your chances of getting a tarot reading that is truly accurate are raised exponentially.

Hopefully this can answer the age old question of how accurate tarot readings are. It depends on a couple of key factors and if you ensure that you follow these suggestions you’ll be able to ensure that your future encounters with tarot cards are accurate. Remember, they pick up on whatever energy is surrounding you while you shuffle or touch them, so it’s very important that you are aware of what you’re putting in, so that what you get out makes more sense.