Marriage Horoscopes for 2016 – 2017

Marriage Horoscopes for 2016 – 2017

Navigating through life as a married couple can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to know what your spouse is thinking. Married life is unpredictable, but knowing your horoscope for the year may ease up some of the burdens. Marriage has tremendous up and downs that can be tough to get thorough. Everyone needs to step back a little and see their relationship from an outside perspective. So turning to the Zodiac may hold the key to strengthening your marriage. Ultimately, your horoscope is just guide and state of marriage is determined by how hard you and your partner work at it.


This will be a rocky year for Aries’ marriage. This year Aries is feeling independent and feels a little stifled by their marriage. Aries will have a wandering eye this year. It’s definitely not a good time to have expand your family or get pregnant. However, in the later part of the year things will pick up and your relationship will grow strong.


Early in the year, Taurus will face some problems with their family. Taurus professional ambitions will get in the way of their family life. Things will get better in the fall and Taurus will soften up. They will work through their differences with their partner and love and warmth will seep back into the marriage.


Some old relationship problems might resurface, but this is the year that Gemini will finally work things out with their partner. This will be a passionate year, but also one full of challenges. Gemini will be serious about their marriage this year and they will work hard to smooth things over with their partner.


Though there may be some problems with their home life in the beginning of the year, overall this will be a good year for Cancer’s marriage. Cancer will be more committed to the marriage than they’ve ever been. Later on in the year, your marriage with thrive.


Leo will be antsy this year and feel like they need something new and exciting in their marriage. This is a good year for Leo to travel with their partner and improve their bonding. Their marriage will experience some stressful hiccups. Leo may be tempted to make a reckless move in their marriage this year.


This year can go either really bad or really good for Virgo’s marriage. Virgo will either be more devoted to their partner than ever or they will feel the need to flee. They need to remain level headed and not let their emotions get the best of them. Things will pick up a little and Virgo has the chance to re-ignite the passion in their marriage.


Libra will have more interest in their children’s academic careers this year. They will make serious efforts to nurture their children’s creative talents. Libra’s focus on their children will make them more emotional and their marriage will be a little shaky. However Libra will be feeling more romantic than usual this year.


Scorpio will have a harmonious and happy home life this year. They will be devoted to their partner and there will be a lot of passion and vigor in the marriage. This is the perfect time for pregnancy. Scorpio’s marriage will be stronger than it’s ever been.


Sagittarius will be less stubborn this year and more focused on their family’s happiness. They will be more receptive to their children’s and spouse’s opinions this year. Sagittarius will appreciate their partner more than they usually do. They will be more in touch with their feelings this year, which will bring Sagittarius closer to their partner.


This will be a tough year for Capricorn’s marriage. All the past difficulties and hidden aggressions will make their way to the surface of the relationship. However, if Capricorn stays calm, they’ll be able to work through their issues. Capricorns with children will experience a stronger relationship with their kids. This is a good year for a Capricorn pregnancy.


Aquarius should avoid making any drastic changes to their relationship and home life. There is the potential for a divorce this year. Things will get better later on in the year. Your more playful side will emerge and you’ll be able to reconcile your differences with your partner.


In the first part of the year, Pisces will be more interested in making money than focusing on their marriage. However, things calm down and Pisces will refocus their energy on romance. It will be a good year for their relationship. Overall, their marriage will be pleasant and harmonious. This will be a good time for Pisces to think about having children.