Couples Horoscopes for 2016 – 2017

Couples Horoscopes for 2016 – 2017

We all want to have harmonious and successful relationships with our partners. Though we try hard to make the relationship work, there are always hardships to face. No relationship is perfect and hopefully things aren’t always bad. When you’re faced with tough problems in your relationship, your horoscope might be a good place to turn for a little more help. It’s even a good idea to check your horoscope out for fun if things are sailing smoothly in your relationship. You don’t know when moods will change and disaster will strike. Let your yearly relationship horoscope be a guide toward making the right decisions for your partnership.


This is a good year for Aries to strengthen their relationship. This is good year for Aries to seriously think about marriage with their partner. Their year will be full of fun, culture, and sophistication. This will be a good year for Aries to travel with their partner.


Taurus should spend the year nurturing their relationship. Early in the year, Taurus will be more focused on their friendships and their partner will get jealous. It will be a good year for Taurus to take their partner to many social events and have a good time.


This is a good year for Gemini to take their relationship to the next level. Gemini will be especially attentive and caring toward their partner. It’s a good time for Gemini to propose. However, Gemini might come on a little too strong and their partner will see it as obsession.


Cancer might face a difficult time in their relationship this year. Early in the year health and career will be more important than their love life. Cancer will have to reevaluate their relationship later on in the year and decide if they should continue their partnership.


Leo’s romance will be thrilling yet very unstable. Their relationship will have many ups and downs. Their ultimate goal for the year is to achieve a joyous relationship. Leo’s love will be volatile and sometimes they just have to cut their losses. However, if Leo can weather the storm early in the year, their relationship can recover.


Virgo will be more centered and focused on nurturing their relationship this year. Virgo wont’ necessarily be romantic and passionate this year, but they dedicated to their partner. Early in the year, Virgo will try to assert their dominance over their partner. However, setting high expectations for their partner will only end in disaster.


Libra will experience more happiness in their love life this year. It might be the best time to make an auspicious marriage. However, Libra will have to tread carefully because their partner might not be as committed to the relationship as they are. If Libra is clear and upfront with the expectations, then their relationship will survive.


Scorpio’s relationship will be put to the test this year. However, if they are in a highly compatible relationship, their love will only grow stronger. Scorpio will suffer indecision and changing moods and might not want to stay in their current relationship.


It will be a steady year for Sagittarius and they won’t experience any major changes in their relationship. Sagittarius will feel more confident and creative in their relationship. It will be the right time to make their feelings known to their partner. There will be more passion and affection between Sagittarius and their partner.


This year Capricorn needs to be mindful not to neglect their relationship. During the middle of the year, Capricorn won’t be afraid to show their partner love and affection. Love will be exciting for Capricorn this year and they will charm their partner into sharing their joy.


Nothing significant will happen this year in Aquarius’ relationship. For the most part, things will remain steady as Aquarius focuses on different parts of their life. Later on in the year Aquarius will take a more serious approach to their relationship and may be thinking of marriage.


Pisces will be happy with the state of their romantic relationship this year. For the first part of the year, Pisces’ relationship will remain stagnant; nothing good nor bad will happen. Later in the year, Pisces will have a greater focus on their relationship. To improve their love life, Pisces needs to remember to express their feelings for their partner.