Birthday Number in Numerology Horoscopes

Birthday Number in Numerology Horoscopes

Our birthdays have great power and influence over our lives. Many different types of Astrology, including Western and Chinese utilize our birthdays to help us gain a better understanding of ourselves and predict our future. There is another type of divine art that helps us know ourselves better and guide us in life; it is called Numerology. Numerology relies on individual’s birth date and their name to unlock their life’s secrets. A few major numbers are derived from a person’s birthday in numerology. The major one is your Life Path Number, which ranges from 1 – 9 and reveals your true self. Then there are the Master Numbers 11 and 22 or sometimes 33. Finally, your Birthday Number helps to supplement the information derived from your Life Path Number. Each day has specific characteristics and they are the following:

The 1st

A birthday on the first suggests you might have more leadership qualities than you thought. 1s energy gives you self-confidence and creativity. It also means you are a bit emotional.

The 2nd

2 provides you with sensitivity and emotion. It also makes you social and you are the type of person who has no trouble making friends. Though you are warmhearted and understanding, you are also prone to depressed moods.

The 3rd

The number 3 brings great energy and vitality. You are energetic, easygoing, and talkative. With so much energy, you often have rapid highs and lows.

The 4th

4 makes you responsible and provides you with self-discipline. You are a sincere and hardworking person. 4s can be stubborn and they experience difficulty expressing their emotions.

The 5th

5s are restless people who love adventure. They are versatile, progressive, and talented. 5s also have analytical minds. Due to their fidgety natures, 5s don’t always have the inclination for responsibility.

The 6th

Those born on the 6th are open, helpful and honest. They care deeply for their friends and family. 6 is associated with responsibility and empathy.

The 7th

7s are perfectionists and deep thinkers. They have strong psychic energies and good intuition. 7s enjoy being their own boss and they rebel against authority.

The 8th

People born on the 8th are business minded people. They have strong desires to be in control and they excel in matters concerning money. 8s are also idealistic and often dedicate their talents to just causes.

The 9th

9s are nurturing humanitarians. They are open minded and sensitive to other people’s needs. Since their feelings run so deep, they are often at the center of drama. 9s are the type of people who give a lot without expecting anything in return.

The 10th

People born on the 10th are independent with high energies. The possess good leadership qualities. They bring their creative energies to the table and look at the bigger picture.

The 11th

11s are idealistic dreamers. They have a good spiritual energy and are attuned to inner workings of the world. Though they have acute senses, they are temperamental.

The 12th

A product of 3, 12s share the same energy. They are expressive and make good first impressions. They are eloquent and excel in singing, writing, and speaking.

The 13th

13s are organized and good managers. However, they can be bossy and domineering. They are practical and focused on minute details. Their need for precision is sometimes too much for other people to handle.

The 14th

14s are good at presenting ideas. They have sharp and clever minds. They share the same energy as 5s and they are easily bored with routine.

The 15th

People born on the 15th value their home life and family and they often make excellent teachers or parents. Though they are generous and giving, they are also stubborn and inflexible.

The 16th

16s are solitary people who enjoy working alone. They value their independence and they are introspective people. Because of this, 16s have trouble maintaining relationships.

The 17th

Since the 17th is usually a good day for business, people born on the 17th have good financial fortunes. 17s are shrewd and enterprising in business. They are hard people and they often have trouble giving and receiving affection.

The 18th

18s are philanthropic individuals who work well in group situations. They are compassionate and often inspire other people through their creativity.

The 19th

Though 19s enjoy independence, their path to autonomous satisfaction is fraught with obstacles. They are unconventional people who don’t like follow other people’s lead.

The 20th

People born on the 20th are social and intuitive. Though they enjoy social situations, they are often anxious in large groups. 20s experience deep lows and high highs.

The 21st

21s are high energy people with a lackadaisical attitude. They are imaginative but lack focus. Despite how often their minds lose focus, 21s are rational and logical thinkers.

The 22nd

22s are hardworking individuals who have no problems taking on large projects. They use whatever means necessary to accomplish their tasks. They are intuitive, but have a nervous energy.

The 23rd

People born on the 23rd love traveling. They are affable people who like making new friends that they can take with them around the world. They enjoy new experiences and they often get bored with routine.

The 24th

24s are responsible and helpful people. They often find themselves caught in the middle of conflicts and they act as mediators. They enjoy giving and receiving affection.

The 25th

25 shares the same energy as 7. They have analytical minds and they are interested in scientific and complex matters. 25s are private and introspective people.

The 26th

26s work well with others to succeed in business. They are efficient people with good managerial skills. People born on the 26th are conscientious and responsible in everything they do.

The 27th

27s are generous, open minded, and tolerant people. They are kind people who know that you have to be gentle to persuade others to do something.

The 28th

28s share the same energy as 1s and have the same good leadership qualities. They are diligent workers and they will not stop working until a task is complete. They are sensitive, but keep their emotions locked up.

The 29th

People born on the 29th are very self-aware and sensitive to the world around them. Though they are big dreamers, they often fail to act on their ideas.

The 30th

Being a true individual is the key to happiness for people born on the 30th. They are dramatic people who excel in the performing arts. 30s are opinionated and they often believe that they are always right.

The 31st

31s are good organizers and dependable workers. They have a strong fortitude and the tenacity to accomplish many goals. They enjoy traveling and being with other people.