What Do Recurring Dreams Mean?

What Do Recurring Dreams Mean

Dreaming, in one way or another, subtly conveys a message to the dreamer. Whether the dream originates from the unconscious or from the gods (as is believed in most cultures), it is hard to ignore the implications of dreams. In this regard, dream interpretation and analysis becomes part and parcel of the whole dreaming process. The question, however, is why some dreams recur? What could be the implications of a recurring dream. This article explores the meanings behind recurring dreams.


When a dream recurs, it may be a subtle, yet emphatic reminder to the dreamer that something needs to be done. The frequency of the recurring dream often points to the urgency of needed action just as is the increasing and often nightmarish symbolism. Part of the justification for recurring dreams is because humans tend to forget as soon as they awaken from sleep. More so, the modern generation will tend to subject every phenomenon to the often disputable standards of science. One will try to find logic in every phenomenon and the same must be consistent with scientific standards and thresholds.

It has been speculated that unless action is taken, a dream may keep recurring for as long as it will take to initiate some response from the dreamer. Even if this is not applicable in scientific belief systems where empirical corroboration is needed for every phenomenon, it will still be an indication that your body’s signals and language are reminding you to take action. That the dream may simply refuse to fade into the ‘junk’ background is an indication that the dream encapsulates and important message.

Recurring Dreams to Signify Transition

In some situations recurring dreams indicate that one is passing through some transitional stage and needs to accordingly adjust to the possible new realities. Such adjustment may concern an area of weakness that, if carried over to the new phase, will present insurmountable challenges to the dreamer. These dreams may also reveal a person’s inability to handle particular situations in life and where the context requires proper adjustment. In some cases, when a dream recurs too frequently, it may be an indication that there is some matter, conflict of situation in a person’s waking life that is unsettled and needs to be settled with some urgency.

When a person pays close attention to moments when they are under stress, for example, they will likely discover that they experience particular recurring dreams. As a result, these dreams can be interpreted to mean the natural physic-psychological preparation of the human system when faced with apparent stressful or tension-filled moments.

More than half of all adults experience recurring dreams in their lifetime. This is mostly common with women than men. Arguably, this may attributed to the idea that women face more moments of indecision than men. A woman will want to seek the second opinion about almost everything. More so, when under pressure, women are predisposed to remaining indecisive.

The most common themes of recurring dreams feature symbolism such as being under attack, falling, being persuaded, getting numbly stuck at some phase in life, lateness for examinations or tests, inappropriate dress codes, nakedness, among others. As has been highlighted elsewhere in this article, the presence of stressors is likely to accelerate the occurrence of repetitive or recurring dreams.

Further, some themes are typically associated with certain phases in life. Some occur at younger ages; others (like examinations) can start from college years of an individual and persist through adult life. For example, on the eve of an important job interview, one may easily dream about missing or being late for an exam. This just reflects the person’s feelings of inadequacy and the desire to excel.


On a point of relief, occurrence of negative repetitive dreams does not always portend sad eventualities. Studies have found that most well performing students in fact almost all the time experience dreams about being late for or failing examinations altogether. The interpretation rendered here is that dreaming of an examination— even when negatively so— may indicate a feeling of self evaluation that still considers a person’s state of preparedness as not sufficient. It reflects the self drive of an individual to push and work harder to achieve higher targets.

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