Types of Dreams

Types of Dreams

This article examines the various types of dreams with the objective of making a brief and precise presentation of common types of dreams. This does not, in any way, lessen the weight accorded to the fact that dreams are unique to each person, irrespective of the striking similarities that may be observed.

Recurring Dreams

These are repetitive dreams. They occur over and over again. Just when you think you’ve heard it, you dream again. These types of dreams have diverse meanings. For example, they may indicate the presence of some characters or scenes that may need reconsidering in the real life of the dreamer. As a result, the characters and scenes in each of the recurring dreams need to be looked at with a lot more observant eye and an analytical mind to determine possible action.

Animal Dreams

In these dreams, animals are part of the characters of a dream. Some dream interpretations have rendered this to signify the presence of some subtle message from the animal world. The meanings of these dreams vary. The common rendering of animal dreams is a call to redefine the key and fundamental issues in life. They are interpreted to refer to the need to get back to the basics of life, reconnect and therefore find meaning in life.


Visitation dreams have the potency of offering the dreamer a rich array of knowledge options in life. They involve being visited by the dead. It is speculated that such dreams are aimed at providing guidance by the departed loved ones to those still existing. Often, the messages conveyed in such dreams are specifically tailored to meet certain objectives.


This is a category of dreams where the unfolding events, characters and even scenes may be so scary and full of fright that anyone will practically breathe in relief that it was only a dream after awaking. Nightmares are believed to originate right from the primal centers of a human being and as a result, they indicate the shadowy selves of individuals. Such shadow selves reveal deep seated feelings of guilt, shame or even regret.

As surreal as it may sound, nightmares have been found to be healthy and acceptable. This is because they bring to the fore deep seated feelings which need to be dealt with out rightly. It much akin to the opening of a wound for purposes of cleaning before actual healing can commence. According to most psychological findings, the conscious should be credited with unearthing of these feelings to be dealt with after they manifest through nightmares.

Precognitive Dreams

These are prophetic dreams that foretell events. They speak of future events. The unsettling aspect of these kinds of dreams emanates from the uncertainty about whether or not they will come true.

Intuitive/Psychic Dreams

These dreams involve the mind, spirit and soul. The three are at the center of the mystery of knowledge. As a result, interpretation of these dreams is dependent in the dreamer, the circumstances, scenes and characters involved.

Download Dreams

These dreams are basically recycled in nature. They come about because our minds are clogged with tremendous quantities of information. When this happens, it is likely that some of the information will leak down into the unconscious and later on manifest as dreams. This is especially commonplace for people who are all the time surrounded by information, for example workers of media houses.

Lucid Dreams

This is an interesting category of dreams. One can tell they are dreaming even when they are still dreaming. The thrill of these dreams is in the awareness of dreaming while still dreaming. In some contexts, lucid dreaming has been used in therapy procedures and in problem solving. The latter was supposedly used by Einstein in his work.


The various types of dreams are categorized on the basis of the variance of symbolism in the dreams which in turn determine the meaning of the dream. The bottom line, however, is the fact that the list on types of dreams is not exhaustive because various other parameters may be used. It is important, however, to understand that the relevance of dreams and their varied symbols can no longer be ignored.

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