The Year of the Sheep

The Year of the Sheep

The Year of the Sheep is unique because the Chinese word Yáng can have different interpretations when being translated to English. Because of this, you will often see the sign referred to by Sheep, Ram, or Goat. All three are correct and represent the same sign. The difference depends on the region or country of origin.
Sheep are one of the most liked animals because of their kind and gentle nature. Those born under the Year of the Sheep share this same love and sweet disposition. People under the sign of the Sheep are mild-mannered, amicable, and over flowing with a sense of justice. Though they are delicate on the surface, sheep people determined and have a strong inner resilience. Despite being well loved, sheep are often pessimistic and timid.

Basic Astrology Elements

Though most people are aware of the yearly assignment of the Chinese Zodiac signs, Chinese astrology digs deeper and each sign is also tied to a month, day, and hours. The sign of the year you were born represents how you present yourself, your birth month represents your inner self, the day of your birth is your true self, and the hour you were born reveals your secret self. Figuring out your 4 pillars can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

The Sheep is in the 8th position of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac.

Years of the Sheep: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: 未 Wèi

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Earth (Tu)

Yin Yang: Yin

Chinese Symbol: The Year of the Sheep Yáng

Season: Summer

Lunar Month: 6th

Gregorian Date and Western Zodiac Equivalent: Jul 7 – Jul 22 Cancer or Jul 23 – Aug 6 Leo

Solar Term and Longitude: 104°小暑 xiǎoshǔ or 119°大暑 dàshǔ

Hours (based on local solar time): 13:00 – 14:59 This is the time when Goats eat grass and urinate frequently

Days: Zodiac animal of the day you were born can be calculated here:

Personality Traits

People born under the sign of the Sheep enjoy being part of the group but hate being the center of attention. Sheep are reserved and quiet and like to spend time with their own thoughts. They are amicable, kind-hearted and loved by many people. All this admiration can get to a sheep’s head and they become vain and crave flattery. Sheep have a naturally beautiful disposition and enjoy the finer things in life. If sheep can overcome their timidity and pessimism, they will succeed in life.

Positive Traits: Polite, Imaginative, Gentle, Attractive, Considerate, Softhearted, Hardworking, Calm

Negative Traits: Pessimistic, Unrealistic, Slow, Indecisive, Vain, Moody, Weak-willed, Short-sighted

Elemental Variations

The era of a Sheep’s birth will affect its element and produce different personality traits.

Earth Sheep: 1919 and 1979

Earth sheep are plain spoken and straightforward, often speaking without thinking thing through first. Despite this, they are good friends and give their hearts and souls to the people they love. They have an elegant and noble disposition, but suffer mental health problems due to extreme stress. Earth sheep drive people away when they let their anger and anxiety get the best of them. They have smooth and stable careers. They are good at making money through investments, but need to be careful of greed.

Metal Sheep: 1931 and 1991

Metal sheep are principled and disciplined, but on the other side of those traits is their tendency to be stubborn and inflexible. Though they excel in their careers, they need to be mindful not to get into disputes with colleagues. In order to find success and harmony at work, they need to learn how to compromise. Metal sheep have good luck with wealth, though their fortune can be unstable. They often experience many fluctuations, but always manage to make their money back.

Water Sheep: 1943 and 2003

Perhaps the sweetest of the sheep variations, water sheep are introverted, altruistic, and gentle. They are respected and popular amongst their friends and always put others before themselves. They live generally happy and content lives. Water sheep have a talent for the arts and can spend hours alone, sharpening their skills. Since they are more focused on bettering themselves rather than worrying about how well others are doing, they are well liked. They do well in wealth as long as they avoid unnecessary financial risks.

Wood Sheep: 1955 and 2015

Wood sheep are affable, sympathetic, and helpful people. They enjoy social activities and their easygoing attitude makes them popular among others. They face many difficulties in their career, but through their virtue and diligence, they can overcome their challenges. They are stable in love and their relationships. Overall, they enjoy good fortune in wealth. Wood sheep are often very energetic, but tire easily. They need to remember to be mindful of their mental health.

Fire Sheep: 1967

Fire sheep are mild, upright, and value order above all else. They enjoy organizing everything in their life. They are extremely loyal and will do anything to help their friends. Even though they are a bit stubborn, they are open to suggestions from close friends. Their weakness lies with their worrisome nature and they often feel slighted by others’ words. They have good fortune in their careers even though they’re always under a lot of pressure. Fire sheep have the perseverance to overcome their obstacles.

Career Options

People born under the sign of the Sheep do well in jobs that require teamwork. Sheep are good followers and thrive under great leadership. If they can find someone to guide and hone their talents early on in life, they will have the head start they need for a successful career. Sheep are creative, elegant, and best suited for jobs in the arts.

Best Career Options: Nurse, Dancer, Philosopher, Florist, Illustrator, Hair Stylist, Teacher, Writer, Editor, Musician


Those born during the Year of the Sheep are said to be auspicious and generally have good luck, especially later on in their life.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
Lucky Colors: Green, Red, Purple
Lucky Flowers: Carnation, Primrose, Alice Flower
Lucky Directions: North
Lucky Days: The 7th and 30th of any month according to the Chinese lunar calendar

Unlucky Numbers: 4, 8, 9
Unlucky Colors: Gold, Brown, Black
Unlucky Directions: Southwest
Unlucky Months: The 3rd, 6th, and 10th Chinese Lunar month


Sheep tend to be private and keep their emotions and feelings closely guarded. They never reveal too much personal information, which means they have few close friends. They are usually submissive in a relationship and have trouble expressing their emotions. Once you win over a sheep’s trust, you will have a friend for life. They are devoted to and work hard for the people they love.

Best Matches: Rabbit, Horse, Pig

Sheep pair well with people who have similar easy going and gentle natures. Rabbits and Sheep share the same mild personality and help each other through tense situations. The Horse’s positive and optimistic attitude keeps the Sheep from spiraling into sadness. Pigs and Sheep have gentle relationships and hardly have any conflicts.

Worst Matches: Ox, Dragon, Dog

Sheep must be careful to avoid people who intolerant of their character. No matter how hard they try, Dogs and Sheep do not understand or tolerate each other’s personality. The Dragon and the
Sheep cannot accept each other’s flaws and clash at every turn. Sheep and Ox have a tumultuous relationship.

Good Friends: Tiger, Monkey

Though they have very different personalities from Sheep, Tiger and Monkeys make good companions. Their differences seem to complement each other.