The Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse

The horse’s energetic and indomitable spirit is said to represent China’s own spirit and drive to continually better itself. Those born during the Year of the Horse are energetic, driven, and always moving toward their goals. Horse people thrive in crowds and are usually surround by people. They are humorous and enjoy entertaining the crowd. Though they have many strong traits, horses can self-centered and over confident in their own abilities.

Basic Astrology Elements

Though most people are aware of the yearly assignment of the Chinese Zodiac signs, Chinese astrology digs deeper and each sign is also tied to a month, day, and hours. The sign of the year you were born represents how you present yourself, your birth month represents your inner self, the day of your birth is your true self, and the hour you were born reveals your secret self. Figuring out your 4 pillars can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

The Horse is in the 7th position of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac.

Years of the Horse: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: 午 Wu

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Fire (Huo)

Yin Yang: Yang

Chinese Symbol: The Year of the Horse

Season: Summer

Lunar Month: 5th

Gregorian Date and Western Zodiac Equivalent: Jun 6-Jun 20 Gemini or Jun 21-Jul 6 Cancer

Solar Term and Longitude: 74°芒種 mángzhòng or 89°夏至 xiàzhì

Hours (based on local solar time): 11:00 – 12:59 This is the time when the sun is high overhead and while other animals are lying down for a rest, Horses are still standing.

Days: Zodiac animal of the day you were born can be calculated here:

Personality Traits

People born under the sign of the Horse are enthusiastic, energetic, affable people. They are well liked by others because of their humorous nature. Horses are good communicators and know how to liven up any situation. They are the class clown that everyone loves. Though they are generally good-natured, they often put too much importance on themselves over others. They are self-centered, selfish, arrogant, and don’t care much for other people’s problems.

Positive Traits: Quick-witted, Energetic, Agile, Well liked, Warm hearted, Upright, Easygoing, Humorous

Negative Traits: Self-centered, Vain, Selfish, Arrogant, Extravagant, Can’t keep secrets, Over confident, Gives up easily

Elemental Variations

As is the case with the other signs, a horse’s personality is affected by its elemental variation.

Water Horse: 1942 and 2002

Water horses are self-sacrificing and take care of those they care about. They are always cheerful and humorous even when they are depressed. They are charming and have good luck attracting a partner. Their sunny disposition also brings them good luck when seeking help from friends. They excel in business and bring unique insights to the table. Water horses can be impatient, emotional, and need to be pressured by others to succeed. They are lucky in wealth and are often blessed with windfalls.

Wood Horse: 1954 and 2014

Wood horses excel at establishing strong relationships with people through their communication and coordination skills. They wish to be free and unrestrained and are often fickle and impatient. They’re natural leaders and have many friends. Wood horses start tasks with diligence and enthusiasm, but usually lose steam before the end. They usually have stable relationships, but their popularity makes them a target for extramarital suitors. Their luck in wealth fluctuates, but they keep many jobs to maintain their fortune.

Fire Horse: 1966

Like most horses, fire horses do not like to be dominated by others. They are smart, lively, and active. They cannot accept criticism and choose to surround themselves with admirers. Their friends often love and respect them. They enjoy challenges and are unyielding even under great pressure. Though fire horses are very emotional and lack self-control, they are attractive to the opposite sex. Fire horses have good luck in wealth and are unfazed by changing circumstances.

Earth Horse: 1978

True to their element, earth horses are gentle, honest, and easy going. They are well liked by their friends and colleagues and do their best to help others. When they let their impatience rule them, they make many mistakes in their life. Earth horses are indecisive and often let opportunities pass by. They are workaholics who only achieve success by working harder than others work.

Metal Horse: 1990

Like other horses, the metal horse love to work. They are work nonstop and put their careers before anything else in their life. They are kindhearted, but also hurt others with their straightforward words. Metal horses will do anything for their friends and are popular because of this. True to their self-centered nature, metal horses don’t take criticism well. They are resolute in their beliefs and are not influenced by public opinions. They are very focused in love, but too afraid to make the first step. Metal horses need to be mindful of their mental health and stress levels.

Career Options

Those born under the sign of the Horse prefer to be in dominant positions, so they excel in jobs where they can lead a team. They work well with others and excel in their communication skills. They’re efficient workers that thrive in jobs that require interpersonal relationship skills. Horses will not do well in jobs that involve working alone.
Best Career Options: Publicist, Librarian, Sales Rep, Performer, Bar Tender, Journalist, Translator, Pilot


People born during the Year of the Horse have good fortune in most areas of their life. They excel in work and interpersonal relationships.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 7
Lucky Colors: Brown, Yellow, Purple
Lucky Flowers: Calla Lily, Jasmine, Marigold
Lucky Directions: East, West, Southwest
Lucky Days: The 5th and 20th of Chinese lunar months
Lucky Months: The 4th, 9th, and 12th Chinese lunar months

Unlucky Numbers: 1, 5, 6
Unlucky Colors: Blue, White, Gold
Unlucky Directions: North and Northwest
Unlucky Months: The 5th, 7th, and 11th Chinese lunar months


Horse people are extremely charming and instantly put people at ease. Their fun attitude and energetic, optimistic, nature make them popular amongst friends and members of the opposite sex. Since they value freedom, interested parties need to be sure to give them lots of breathing room. Anyone interested in pursuing a horse needs to handle any criticism with tact, lest they scare the charming horse away.

Good Matches: Sheep, Tiger, Dog

Horses pair best with people whose natures do not clash with their own. Sheep’s gentle heart will never tire of the Horse’s energy and they will have everlasting love and harmony. Horses are touched by the Tiger’s hospitable nature and they will enjoy a loving relationship. The Dog’s patience is good for nurturing a relationship with the wild Horse.

Worst Matches: Rat, Ox, Horse

The one thing a Horse hates the most is oppression, so they would do best to avoid people with domineering personalities. Rats and Horses share a hot temperament and their pairing will lead to divorce. The Ox and the Horse have differing opinions and will constantly butt heads in a relationship. It is best for Horses to avoid entering a relationship with another Horse. Both are too stubborn and unyielding.

Good Friends: Snake, Dragon

Snakes and Dragons have compatible personalities with Horses and make good lifelong friends.